Online FAQs

What will be covered in the Disability Inclusion session? 

The training is delivered in a judgement-free learning environment. Attendees increase their knowledge to incorporate inclusive practices in both their personal and professional lives. 

Topics covered in the training include: 

  • The Social Model of Disability & Universal Design
  • Attitudes & Unconscious Bias
  • Language & Communication 
  • Collaborating & Working with Community 

When do we join the session?

The facilitators will go online 30-minutes prior to the start of the session to meet with the hosting organisation and begin preparing the content.

The facilitators will admit attendees into the room 5-minutes prior to the start time. To allow for attendees to ask any further questions, the facilitators are available 30-minutes after the session end time.

How many facilitators host the session?

Each 1-hour session is delivered by one facilitator. All facilitators live with diverse disability. Our engaging facilitators bring a wealth of personal experience that makes the training content relatable and relevant.

For online sessions, an additional facilitator may be present as IT support.

You will be informed of the confirmed facilitators 1-2 days before the session date.

Will there be any breaks?

Although there is no set break, attendees are welcome to step away any time for a break.

What are the technology requirements?

As mentioned, the sessions will be delivered through Zoom. Prior to the session, you will receive a meeting invite that can be distributed to the attendees.

Please ensure that the attendees arrive on time to ensure we can admit them into the meeting room.

Our facilitators will support with instructions on how to raise their hand and un-mute their microphone for discussions. If your attendees need further IT support, we ask that you can provide that support to them.

We encourage attendees to keep their microphone off unless asking a question and to keep their microphone on for our facilitators.

Feedback forms will be accessed through a link/QR code.

What about accessibility requirements for attendees?

If any of your attendees have any accessibility requests, please let us know before the session to best prepare for the session. This may include having live captioning turned on for the session or we can provide screen-reader friendly documents.

Please let Inclusion Training Team know as soon as possible of any accessibility requirements.

Do I need to be in attendance?

We ask that you can be a point of contact and support for the facilitators during the session. As part of our Safety Plan, we have the hosting individual to assist in any questions or concerns the facilitators may have.

If you are unable to make it to the session time, please let us know as soon as possible an alternate contact to provide to the facilitators.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the Disability Inclusion online FAQs.
We hope you enjoy your upcoming session.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to