Meet our team of facilitators, all of whom live with diverse disability.

Experience transformative sessions led by seasoned facilitators, each living with disabilities. Our dynamic facilitators draw from rich personal experiences, ensuring training content that is not only relatable but also highly relevant.

To learn more about our facilitators, please read their profiles below and discover the inspiring stories and expertise that contribute to our unique approach.

Facilitators Bios

If you have lived experience and you are interested to be involved as a facilitator, please contact

Ally Finnis

Based in SA’s Limestone Coast, on Buandig Country, I am a neurodivergent individual who has lived with a vestibular disorder for over a decade.

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Andi Snelling

I am a multi-award-winning performer, writer, and director. I make boundary-pushing theatre that explores the human condition through the personal as universal with raw honesty and playful physicality.

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Jessie Smith

I have lived with an acquired disability since the age of 14 due to illness.

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Katie Wilson

I am privileged to belong to many communities; I live with Cerebral Palsy, believe in social justice, and work towards helping the world be a better place.

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Kelly Vincent

I am a writer, performer, occasional director, and disability rights advocate. My favourite thing in the world is using theatre and storytelling to help people - especially people with disabilities - to find and share their voice. 

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Lauren Spear

I’m a qualified special education teacher, working with students with a variety of disabilities across many school settings in South Australia. 

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Leeanne Marshall

I’m an autistic individual that is fond of hot chips, peanut butter and spicy red sauce sandwiches. I have been actively involved in the autistic and autism communities in Adelaide since I received my autism diagnosis in 2008.

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Maria Heredia

As a mature person living with disability, I have a different perspective to health and healthy living than most people. Disability, mental health, and CALD, [Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Communities] are the 3 key areas of my community participation.

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Nick Schumi

I am a passionate and active disability advocate. As a manual wheelchair user, I am eager to make positive change to physical access to public places and travel. I’m a certified Youth Worker, specialising in youth and disability engagement with an emphasis on empowerment.

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Tessa Deak

I am an enthusiastic chronic illness and disability advocate from the Limestone Coast.

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