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Our three-hour Accessible Events Training is offered in a supportive and judgment-free learning environment. Perfect for those eager to gain firsthand insights into inclusion, develop skills in dismantling barriers to accessibility, and contribute to fostering more inclusive communities for all.

Our sessions, crafted and led by individuals with lived experience of disability, cover:

  • Disability History
  • Various Aspects of Accessibility and Inclusion
  • Language Considerations
  • Practical Application of Principles to Venues and Events

As you wrap up the training, you'll carry away not only firsthand accounts of inclusion but also the skills and confidence to recognise and eliminate barriers to accessibility. But that's not all – participants receive valuable take-home resources, including tips on inclusive interactions, a curated list of businesses with accessible products, insights into grant opportunities and content creators for ongoing education, and a handy accessible events basics document that reinforces the training.

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Want to know about the aims of our training session?

Identify barriers

Provide solutions

Plan and execute inclusive events

Advocate for inclusivity

Foster ideas and growth

Ask questions

Want a preview?

The training incorporates exclusive interviews with My Lover Cindi, a South Australian business at the forefront of accessible events, particularly in their LGBTQI+ night space.

My Lover Cindi is an LGBTIQ+ night space with a focus on accessibility. The nightclub and community event space was set up from the beginning to welcome every member of the LGBTQI+ community (and allies) safely into their venue.

By exploring their practices before, during, and after events, we've curated insightful interviews to provide attendees with valuable firsthand perspectives, including a video where My Lover Cindi discusses their post-event considerations.

Visit My Lover Cindi's Website here

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Training is an investment in your staff, your organisation and your culture and it's important that you choose the right one.

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